I can help you with your design, drafting, and real estate needs.

I also work closely with other professionals to help with surveying, landscape design, structural engineering, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical design.


Feasibility/Viability Study – Predesign Phase (FV):

  • During this phase, the site is examined for suitability.
  • The City Zoning Code and Building Construction Code are examined.

Preliminary/Schematic Programming Design Phase (PD): 

  • The design requirements are determined, such as the proposed size of the project, types of space, and general configuration.
  • The design features and overall look and shape are determined.

 Design Development Phase (DD): 

  • Preparing documents containing Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, one Section, and Description of Materials and systems suitable for preliminary pricing. 
  • If the design needs to be modified to proceed to the construction documents phase, additional fees are due.

Construction Documents Phase (CD):   

  • During this phase, the technical details, framing, and structural systems are developed. Also, coordination with civil mechanical and electrical design takes place. 
  • Consultant will produce Architectural Drawings, Structural Drawings. and a Design Site Plan. When completed the drawings are suitable to be submitted to the city. 

  Bidding and/or Negotiation Phase: 

  • During this phase, the Owner obtains bids and/or negotiated proposals.  For an additional fee, on a per-hour basis, the Consultant is available to assist in examining bids and/or proposals. 

Construction Observation and Administration Phase (CA): 

  • The Consultant shall provide general conditions for construction. See Construction Documents.
  • Consultant shall not have control over or charge of and shall not be responsible for construction means and methods, techniques, sequences, or procedures or safety precautions and programs in connection with work since they are contractors' responsibility. 
  • The owner shall provide access to the site at all reasonable times for the Consultant to perform site observation and inspect all work.
  • Shop drawings produced by material suppliers (such as trusses) and sub‐contractors shall be reviewed by the Consultant, specific contractor, and general contractor and approved by the owner before producing any materials. Rejected shop drawings shall be resubmitted and reviewed by all parties before producing any materials.
  • Consultant will review pay requests and change orders.
  • The consultant may reject and stop work if the materials, methods, quality, and safety do not comply with the drawings, specifications, generally acceptable quality standards, applicable codes, industry standards, and customary safety practices. 
    • Upon rejection, the Consultant will notify the Owner in writing. 
    • The Owner shall notify contractors in writing of the rejection.
    • The Owner, with the Consultant, will provide a proposed remedy in writing for approval to the Consultant. 
    • The Consultant will provide in writing approval for the remedy. 
    • The Owner will inform the Consultant once the work is corrected and ready for reinspection.

Post Construction (PC):

Prior to final payment to the General Contractor, the project will be inspected, and items noted and marked for correction. (Punch‐List)


As directed/approved by the Owner, the Consultant shall provide additional services in connection with the planning and design of the project. Project representation beyond basic services, selecting project representatives, evaluating substitution by contractor, providing services due to changes in the project, and revision of documents with the approval of the Owner will result in an additional fee on a per-hour basis. 

WORK PRODUCT OWNERSHIP:  Any copyrightable works, ideas, discoveries, inventions, patents, products, or other information (collectively the "Work Product") developed in whole or in part by Urevig Works, LLC in connection with the Services will be the exclusive property of Dean Urevig. Upon request, Urevig Works, LLC will execute all documents necessary to confirm or perfect the exclusive ownership of Dean Urevig to the Work Product. 

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